1894 marks the beginning of the quest by Isidoros Arvanitis, the persistent perfectionist from Plomari, who searched tirelessly to find the ideal materials in order to create the perfect recipe for Ouzo. After many journeys, he will finally find what he was searching for. The great recipe that will offer him the flavour of exactly what he was dreaming of: a flavour blended with tradition, a drink as clear as the waves of the Aegean.

The Plomari region is famous world wide for it’s production of ouzo. The ouzo of Plomari is traditionally known as the best ouzo in Greece. Right now in Plomari there are four companies which make ouzo the traditional way. These are: Arvaniti, Barbayanni, Giannatsi and Pitsiladi. The ouzo Arvaniti and Barbayanni are the most well known ouzo companies world wide. The Barbayanni company is also well known for it’s museum of ouzo which is situated near Agios Isidoros in Plomari, where thousands of visitors come every year. It is also the most significant attraction of Plomari.

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